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Add a walkway to Your Backyard Landscape

Walkways can be an integral part of any backyard landscaping plan. Their main purpose is to provide a way to walk into remote area of your yard without disturbing the lawn surface and other vegetation. A walkway through your yard is also a means to guide your visitors through your landscape.

Designing a Great Walkway Through Your Backyard

The attractiveness of your backyard walkway relies on the materials used to create the path, and the flow the path takes through your yard. Walkways can be built using a variety of materials. Two of the most popular ones are interlocking concrete pavers and bricks. Normally a gravel bed is first laid on the entire walkway surface and then interlocking concrete pavers are laid by hammering using a mallet (wooden hammer) so that they don’t dislocate from their position. Because of their natural color, bricks are popular too. Depending upon the overall size and shape of your garden and locations of various landscaping elements, first create a drawing of the route you want the path to take through your backyard.



Tips for Adding Interest to Your Backyard Walkway

  • Add flowerbeds at different locations along the walkway to heighten interest.
  • Add a area with a seat or bench along the walkway so you can relax and enjy your landscape.
  • Add landscape lighting at strategic places along the walkway to make it visible at night.

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