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Do Your Own Landscape Design

You can do your own landscape planning and design if you do research to help make sure you do it right.  Planning your landscape can be very rewarding, and you can save money by doing the work yourself.  There are a number of resources and helpful tools to help you get the job done and be proud of the results.

Resources for Landscape Planning

There are a number of places you can look where you can find help when planning your landscape.

Local Garden Center

One of the things you should do when doing landscape planning is to visit a garden center or nursery in your area.  Unlike large department or home improvement stores, the garden centers hire staff who are usually dedicated to gardening and landscaping.  They are much more helpful when you need advice on what to plant or with problems you are having with your plants.  At a garden center, you can be sure that the plants they sell are suitable for where you live.

The Internet

Doing research using the Internet has taken over the world.  So, it is an ideal place to look for topics on landscape planning.  If you are searching for plants for your yard, there are many descriptions and photos available to help you make choices.  However, if you shop for plants online, be sure that those you choose are able to grow in your area.  Most reputable online garden centers, like Nature Hills Nursery, have climate zone maps and send the plants at the appropriate time for planting in your area.


It seems that people don’t rely on books as much, but you can find them very useful when doing your landscape planning.  Books contain the fundamental information you need to help you.  Although the Internet is nice, it is difficult to find what you need all in one location.  Visit a bookstore or your library for printed material on landscape planning.

Landscape Planning Software

There are many software tools you can use to help you design your landscape.  Some are free, but usually the free tools don’t give you the flexibility or plant databases you need for your design.  An inexpensive landscape design tool, Landscape Vision, is a good option.  It is unique in that it actually uses your photos of your yard, along with photos of plants in a database, to enable you to see how your landscape will look when it is complete.


Although planning your own landscape can seem like a difficult task, the results can be very rewarding.  As with every major project, take it one step at a time.  The nice thing is that you don’t have to complete your plan all at once.  You can spread out the installation over a number of years as your time and money permits.

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