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Green Gardening Tools: How To Landscape While Being Eco-Friendly

Gasoline engines are the backbone of most modern power landscaping tools used in your yard.  But, with the price of gasoline, and the effect on the environment, it seems that many people are trying to find more eco-friendly alternatives. Here is some information that describes ways to do your yardwork while being environmentally concious.

Green Gardening Tools: How To Landscape While Being Eco-Friendly

Electric Lawn MowerIn fact, according to EPA estimates, a new, gas-powered lawn mower operated for just one hour generates the same amount of air pollution — namely, smog-forming volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides — as a car driven for 45 miles.

But things are getting progressively better as consumers continue to opt for the numerous electric alternatives that are out there for the taking. These plug-in and cordless, battery-operated models can make a huge impact. According to the EPA, if 1,000 gas-powered mowers were replaced with electric models, 9.8 tons of harmful VOCs would be eliminated each year — the equivalent of removing 230 cars from the nation’s highways. Old-school reel mowers are also making a comeback.


It is interesting that a gasoline powered lawnmore still produces a lot of polution.  You wouldn’t expect it since the engines are so small. The video below provides some tips if you are considering an electric lawn mower.


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