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Introduction to Backyard Landscaping

One of the reasons many people buy a home is they like the idea of working out in the yard.  Sure, some of the tasks are work; trimming the shrubs, watering the lawn, and so forth.  But, there is an upside to having a property of your own; it gives you the opportunity to become creative in your landscaping decisions.  Landscaping is truly a form of art.

Why Landscape?

Landscaping your yard is important for a number of reasons.  First, there is the sense of pride and enjoyment people get out of watching their creative side come to life.  Also, having a nicely landscaped and maintained front yard can actually increase the value of your home by improving your property’s curb appeal.  When working on the front yard, the area visible to the public, most people will use tried and true, basic landscape design methods to make sure the area is appealing.

The backyard, private area of your property is where you can experiment with new plants and unique ideas.  You can try using walkways, water features, patios, flower beds, and more.  You do still want to plan your backyard landscape since you also want the final results to look pleasing.  But, you have the opportunity to take a few risks in planting.  If you don’t like the result, you can always change it.

Getting Started with Backyard Landscaping

To get started with landscaping your backyard, start out with a plan just as you would for for your front yard.  Take measurements and photos and make some drawings of your yard to scale.  Use the Internet to find plants and other features you might want in your yard.  If you plan on a patio, deck, or walkway, consider adding some lighting so guests can enjoy your yard at night.

Backyard PatioThe theme of the backyard is determined by your hobbies and interests.  Your backyard landscaping could be a great deal of fun, particularly whenever you make it personal. Be sure to landscape your backyard to reflect your character plus your homes personality. No matter what your choice, make backyard landscaping enjoyable for the entire family.


You can let your personal tastes, time, hobbies, and lifestyle influence the look of your backyard landscape.  Don’t be afraid to be creative in the plans you make for your backyard.


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