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Landscape Planning Fundamentals

Doing the landscape planning for your home is a big task.  It can be overwhelming to attempt to do the entire landscape plan at one time.  When landscaping your yard, there are a number of items to consider.  Here are some important aspects to landscaping to help you get on the right track.

Create a Landscape Plan

Sample Landscape DesignStart with a plan.  Don’t just go out and start buying plants.  With a plan, you will know what you want in different areas of the yard and there will be no guesswork when you get to the garden center.  The other advantage of knowing what you want is that you can buy plants when they are on sale and save some money.  Many stores have sales on their trees and shrubs at the end of the growing season to clear their inventory.

Many people don’t feel they have the ability to create a good landscape plan.  If you feel that way, there are a number of things you can do.  You can hire a professional landscape designer to create the plan for you.  There is no shame in that choice.  In a few days, you can have a complete plan with all the plants labeled, that you can follow to build your landscape.  Another alternative is to try a landscape design software program that will help you design your landscape.

As mentioned earlier, don’t try to implement your complete landscape plan all at once.  Select an area of your yard and complete that specific part of the plan.  Then, when you are ready, move to another area of the yard.

Plant Selection

Selecting the right plants and flowers for the landscape will definitely complement the look of the home and tie the structure into the surrounding yard.  For a homeowner who is not a landscaping expert  this is usually the most difficult part of landscape design.  You can do many things to help you select the right plans.  Check the Internet for information on plants.  Ask friends about their experiences with particular plants you are interested in.  Consult the local garden center staff for information about plants local to your area.

Choose the right location in your yard based on the requirements of the plants. Tthere are plant varieties that require more light and there are others that prefer shade. Before you purcahase a plant, consider its water and light requirements.  Many plants that thrive in a shady location like Hosta, will suffer from leaf burn in too much direct sunlight.

If you live in a climate where rain is intermittent, or if you are interested in saving money, consider incorporating an irrigation scheme into the landscape design.  Using such a system will provide the individual plants with the correct amount of water and promote healthy growth.

Consider Other Landscape Features

Backyard PatioThere are infinite landscaping ideas to be considered. A patio composed of stone, as well as a paved walkway that leads through the backyard will truly extend a personal feel to the design of the landscape. Another good idea is a stone wall. Such a wall can be constructed tall, to give an atmosphere of a courtyard, instead of a plain backyard. Walls that are shorter can separate the patio and the walkways from the lawn.


Designing a landscape is an ongoing process. Sometimes it can seem like an overwhelming job.  But, with the right plans, you can come up with a home landscape you can be proud of.  Take it easy and slow and you will have a great landscape in no time.


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