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Sheds in Landscape Gardening

Hidden in plain sight: Sheds in landscape gardening

All green fingered individuals will be aware that the humble garden shed can be a cost effective, economic and green-friendly way to boost both the storage space and yield of a garden. Unfortunately (and rather unfairly!), they have also gathered reputation for lacking a certain “aesthetic appeal”. While this may be in a fair assessment of a neglected garden shed, hidden away at the back of an overgrown and messy garden, it is most certainly not true for gardens and sheds on the whole!

As with anything else worth doing in life, getting a shed to become a beautiful feature within the garden it inhabits requires a little work…

Below are some of the top tips for making sure that your shed feels like it is ‘part of the furniture’, not ‘part of the problem’:

A little paint goes a long way ­– it’s amazing how many people complain about the “look” of garden sheds – when, in fact – they can look any way you like! One of the quickest and most striking ways to get a shed looking more to your tastes is to endow it with a quick lick of paint.

Stains aren’t always a bad thing – if paint and sheds are not to your taste, adding wood stain to the structure is another sure-fire way to give it a touch of elegance. In addition to enriching the looks and characteristics of the shed, staining it properly also adds a protective coat to shield it from the elements!

Garden ShedGrow for it – a great way to get a shed looking as though it belongs in a garden is to help the process along with climbing plants. Although this is not as quick of a fix as painting or staining the shed; this is because it is very important to do thorough research as to which plant(s) would be the best partner for the shed. This is not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because the wrong plant could potentially do some significant structural damage to the shed later down the line!

Get creative – although paint and plants are a great starting point for helping a shed to sit comfortably in a garden, the only real limit on what can be done is your imagination! There are plenty of outlandish ideas that could really help to bring a shed to life in its garden surroundings.

With a little time and effort, a shed can feel right at home in any garden…


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  1. Steel Buildings September 12, 2013 at 5:33 am #

    wow that’s a really cool idea of making shed within the garden,it will be a great way to get a shed looking as though it belongs in a garden is to help the process along with climbing plants also. By the way thanks for sharing your this nice post,i hope you have some more ideas like this.


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