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Three Unique Backyard Landscape Ideas

Your backyard is the private area of your home where you can experiment with different ideas for your landscape design.  You can take some gambles on what you might like.  Don’t be afraid to try something different or unusual.  Here are some ideas you might want to consider for your backyard.

Feng Shui Style Garden Idea

Feng Shui is an underlying factor throughout many Chinese gardens. What is Feng Shui?  In a simple sense, Feng Shui is the philosophy of creating a balance in the environment to promote positive energy from the area.  This positive energy force is supposed to enhance the well-being of people in its vicinity.  Feng Shui garden landscape designs mostly incorporate mountain (Shan) and water (Shui) energy since the basic of Chinese gardens originated from the art form called Shan Shui, meaning mountain-water

Mountain energy symbolizes good health, harmony and stability. It is yang, strong, hard, tall and vertical. One can identify this energy in actual mountains, higher terrain and mounds. Virtual mountain energy can be realized in boulders, raised planting beds and walls.  Adding water features to the garden provides the “Shui” part of the garden.  An excellent ideas is to create a small water cascade down a rock-scape.

Patio Design Ideas

Having a patio in your backyard gives you an outdoor living area where you can relax and enjoy your yard.  There are generally two types of patio areas you would consider.  The most common is a patio that is next to your house.  This type of patio provides the convenience of being easily accessible from the indoor living area and, in many cases, becomes an extension of your home.  In many cases, people add a deck onto their homes as an alternative to a ground level patio.

An interesting alternative is a stand-alone patio away from your home.  A patio such as this can be placed in an interesting location in your yare and include benches, water features, and built-in seating areas if desired.  Having a patio away from your home provides you with the opportunity to create a place for guests and family to gather away from the house.  Adding a nice walkway to the patio enhances the impact more.

Foliage Garden Idea

Most backyard landscapes include a flower garden, which is a nice feature to have.  However, having a flower garden requires time for maintenance.  To keep the flowers looking their best, you must remove the spent blooms and trim back the plants.

Instead of, or alog with, the flower garden, you might want to consider a foliage garden.  A foliage garden is a garden without flowering plants.  In a garden area such as this, you use the interesting characteristics of various non-flowering plants to set the stage.  There are many shrubs and plants with very attractive foliage that, when put together in the landscape, can provide a very attractive area.

Plants that you might consider in a foliage garden are hostas, ferns, boxwoods, and may other plants where the foliage provides the interest.  There is generally les maintenance in this type of garden except for occasionally shaping the plants and removing dead leaves and twigs.

Once you have your backyard landscape ideas you can start making a plan on how to achieve your backyard goal. As will all landscaping design, make a plan before you start so you know the scope, cost, and time required for the project.




4 Responses to Three Unique Backyard Landscape Ideas

  1. landscape design pictures quotes May 16, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    Greenhouses can also be built using landscape gardening
    and they can be incorporated inside of the garden collectively with
    a chilly-body. And you can see from the photos
    above that she did an outstanding landscape design this year for her booth, yet she was only given a concrete floor structure to work with and nothing else.

  2. Adam October 21, 2013 at 7:52 pm #

    These are some great ideas, my yard is definitely getting a makeover come spring. I will remember these tips, Thanks!


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