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Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing the lawn is one of those necessary tasks, and most people find it to be nothing but a chore.  But, if you want to have a nice looking lawn, then it pays to take a little extra time to do it right.  Here are a few tips that can make the task less tedious.

Pick up things on the lawn before you start mowing.

If you do this preparation, you will not have to stop inthe middle of the job to pick up sticks, rocks, or other items.  Be aware that if you are using a power mower, hitting sticks and rocks can send them flying, and they could easily injure you or someone else nearby.  This step alone will save you time and frustration overall.

Mow in Different Patterns

Don’t always mow the lawn in the same direction each time you mow.  Your lawn will look better if you mow in a different direction each time you mow.  On one mowing, mow front to back.  Next time, mow side to side.  Then mix it up the next time by mowing on an angle.

Check a Power Mower Before You Start Mowing

There’s nothing more frustrating when mowing the lawn than to get about two swipes done and run out of gas.  Check the gas and oil before you start to make sure you have enough gas and the oil level is good.  Add oil if necessary.  And, always start with a full tank of gase so you can mow until you are ready for a break.  Most mowers hold enough gas to do at least half of your yard.

Keep Your Mower Maintained

Again, another source of frustration when mowing is a mower that is not working properly.  At the start of the mowing season, have the mower blade sharpened, change the oil, and change the spark plug.  These tasks are pretty simple and cost less than about $20 total.  Doing these will pretty much assure your mower runs well all season.  When done mowing, take a little time to clean grass clippings from the top of the mower deck, and alse from the underside if needed.

Mow When the Grass Is Dry

Wet grass is much more difficult to cut than dry grass, and it is also bad for the grass to mow when it is wet.  The blade actually tears the grass instead of cutting it.  Wet grass will also clog the mower and may cause it to stall.

Adjust Mower Blade Height if Needed

If you let the grass get too long, raise the height of the blade so you don’t cut too much off at one time.  The rule is to not cut more than one-third of the height of the grass at one time.  So, raise the blade, cut the grass, then in about two days, lower the blade back to normal and cut the grass again.  That way you give it time to recover from the first cut.

Cutting the grass too short is as big of a problem as letting it get too long.  If you cut it too short, you put it under stress and that leaves it susceptible to disease.  Also, one of the best weed prevention methods is a thick lawn.  Cutting it short allows weed seeds to get into the dirt and gives them a chance to start growing.

Buy A Power Mower

A lawn mower with a gas engine will make quick work of the task.  Don’t let the environmentalists (environmental-cases) talk you into buying one of those old-style “Leave It to Beaver” reel push mowers.  Considering that you probably won’t go through more than about five or six gallons of gas the whole season, you are not really hurting the environment all that much.  Also, it’s a lot more work to use a reel mower.  Don’t expect the environmentalists to offer to mow for you!


Hopefully, these tips will be helpful and can make mowing the lawn a more enjoyable task.  Think of mowing the lawn as your opportunity to get away from the rest of the family, at least for an hour!

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