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Building a Stone Wall as Part of Your Landscape Plan

Stone Wall


Many homeowners are looking for projects to enhance the landscape of their yards and gardens.  Building a stone wall in your yard is a project that many home landscapers can do themselves to enhance the look of their property. There are many uses for a stone wall. You may need to build a retaining wall to keep plants and soil in their place on a sloped yard. In a flat area, you might want to create a raised planting area to make certain plantings stand out.

Whatever the reason, a stone wall can add diversity to your home landscape. I recently received an email from outline the steps for building a stone wall and describing it as a “weekend” project.  While this may be true, you should be prepared ahead of time if you want to complete the project over a weekend. The article below describes the steps for planning and building a stone wall in your landscape.

Construct a Stone Wall
Nothing is more basic than building with rocks, and there are simple stone walls still standing after thousands of years. If you want to divide your lawn from your garden, mark the border of your property, or slow the advance of an invading hoard, building a stone wall by hand is a practical and even beautiful solution. As the wall weathers, settles and ages, it becomes a permanent part of the landscape.

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There are may videos available to assist you in your efforts when building a stone wall.  The video below describes the basic components of a stone retaining wall.



As you can see, building a wall on your property can be accomplished by most homeowners and is a great way to improve propery value.  However, it is hard work and requires preparation.  If you want to have the project completed over a weekend, have the plans and all materials available before the weekend begins.


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