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How to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy in the Summer

The weather is already getting warmer, and this summer is slated to be another hot, relatively dry one in most regions of the country. Here are some tips to help you keep your grass green and healthy, in spite of less than favorable weather conditions:


Avoid cutting the grass too short

Try to keep your grass 3 to 4 inches tall in the summer. Taller grass provides more shade to the soil, which in turn means that water doesn’t evaporate as fast. When water doesn’t evaporate quickly, your grass has more time to soak it up and quench its thirst.

Water for longer, less often

You want to make sure that when you do water, the water reaches the roots of your grass and nourishes them. Your grass is only as healthy as its roots. Watering for 20 minutes every week won’t do you much good because the water won’t be reaching the roots of your grass. Watering for an hour or two twice a month, on the other hand, is probably your best strategy. This gives the water a chance to reach the roots of your grass. If you water just a couple of times a month, you can also rest assured that you’re not overwatering your lawn, which can have detrimental side effects as well.

Don’t turn to fertilizer as a quick fix

Fertilizer should be used sparingly. Most lawn care experts recommend that you only use fertilizer once a year, in the fall. If your grass turns brown in the summer, it’s actually a better idea to focus on watering it and rebuilding its health, rather than fertilizing it. Too much fertilizer at the wrong time of year can damage the overall health of your grass. It works in the short-term to change the color your grass and get it to grow, but in the long-term it makes your grass more susceptible to turning brown when faced with drought.

Let grass clippings help keep your lawn strong

It’s probably your impulse to want to pick up grass clippings after you mow your lawn, but you should think twice about doing this. Grass clippings are compost for your lawn and will help keep it healthy, strong, and green.

These are just some of the most critical things you can do to keep your lawn healthy and green this summer. If your grass does turn a little brown, despite your efforts, don’t worry. As long as the roots are healthy, your grass will recover as the seasons change if you keep taking care of it.

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  1. Tyler Slade January 30, 2015 at 6:11 am #

    During Summer Season We have to take care that our lawn should be green.Various tips must be followed in that case.Your listing contain the good ones that keeps lawn green and healthy in the summer season.But also the one i can add in that we can also do micro irrigation if we think it necessary.So to the Base of the plants water would be reached easily…So i think this point is also considered one of the important one.Great Article.Very Helpful for all.

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