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Keep your landscaping looking its best this summer

With the summer of 2012 being a record-breaker in many parts of The United States for heat and lack of rainfall, it is not only an issue for farmers, but causes many problems for your home landscape. Keeping your landscape alive and healthy can be a challenge.

Keep your landscaping looking its best this summer

inimize foot and equipment traffic on dormant lawns and do not treat with pesticides or fast release high nitrogen fertilizers that can damage a dormant lawn.

Check container gardens at least once a day and more often during extreme heat. Move planters to a bit more shade to slow drying, and reduce risk of scorch and heat stress.

Use water wisely. Water early in the day when possible to reduce moisture loss to evaporation. Use soaker hoses and drip irrigation whenever possible. You’ll use less water by applying it right to the soil where it is needed. And always water thoroughly and less frequently to encourage plants to develop deeper more drought tolerant roots.


Water parched neighborhoodBy following some of the tips above, your home landscape will have a good chance of recovering from the summer heat and drought. As of mid-July of 2012 most of central Illinois has received less than 2 inches of rain since May.  The photo at the right shows a sample of how the landscapes are suffering in a typical neighborhood.

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