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Landscape Vision Landscape Design Software

landscape vision landscape design softwareIn traditional landscape design, you draw a diagram of the area to be landscaped on paper.  Normally this diagram is a view from above.  You then draw curves and circles to signify the shape of planting areas and the plants themselves.  Then, you have to look up the growing characteristics of plants and select ones where the size and shape match the appropriate circles on the diagram.  Professional landscape designers are trained to do this, and they do it well.

The problem for most homeowners is that they don’t know how to do this, and planning the landscape for their yards can be frustrating.  Plus, most people have difficulty visualizing what the design will look like when actually implemented.  It’s hard to imagine what that little plant you put right by the front door is going to look like in five years!

Well, Landscape Vision landscape design software solves this problem. As the name implies, Landscape Vision allows you to visually create a landscape design for your home.  It does this by using actual photographs of your yard, which you provide, and photographs of plants, which the software provides.  This is a very unique way of assisting you with your landscape design.

How Landscape Vision Works

The process for designing your landscape using this software is amazingly simple. Here are the steps.

  • Take some photos of your yard
  • Upload the photos into the software
  • Select the area of the country you live in from the planting zone map
  • Start selecting plants for your landscape and drag them onto the photos of your yard
  • When you are satisfied with the design, print a list of the plants you have selected and use it as a shopping list

The software has many features including an extensive plant database, the ability to resize the plants so you can see what they will look like when mature, ability to add other features like walkways and patios, and more features that you can read about on their website. The video below demonstrates how the software works and how easy it is to visualize your landscape plans by using your own photos,



Although this product isn’t landscape design freeware, it is amazingly affordable. At a cost of less than $40, it’s hard to pass up.




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